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With five years of training experience and a bachelor's degree in physical therapy, in 2011 I moved to Los Angeles and started my career as a fitness trainer. I have experience in training a wide range of individuals, young and old, novice to high performing, from people who want to improve their general health to actors who need to achieve a certain physique for a role.


My role as your trainer and coach is to safely guide you toward your fitness goals and along the way spark a lifelong interest in maintaining a lifestyle that promotes health and longevity. 

Services offered
Online coaching

You receive weekly customized training and meal plans tailored to your individual goals and needs. Videos demonstrating all exercises are provided and e-mail support is available any time. Services such as weekly Skype follow-ups and feedback on exercise performance are also available.

On-location training

We meet at the gym, at your place, or in a park for a one-on-one individualized workout where we focus on working toward your goals, taking any physical limitations you may have into consideration. Sessions take place in Los Angeles. If desired, nutrition planning guidance is included. Click below to book now!


On-location training is available in Los Angeles and online coaching is available anywhere! The setting can be anywhere, your choice. Is the gym where you like to get your workouts in or do you prefer getting sweaty in the comfort of your home? Or do you have a hard time getting enough fresh air and sunlight during your busy days and prefer to combine spending time outdoors with exercise? In any case, no problem! Whether you are local to LA or a thousand miles away I will customize your workouts toward your goals, your needs, and your schedule. I will also assist you with meal composition and planning. 

My bachelor's degree in physical therapy comes in handy when dealing with and working around injuries. If you have any special requests or needs let me know and we will find a way to work around it, or with it, while improving your health and fitness. 



I had worked with other trainers in the past but they all now pale in comparison to Marina. She helped me come back from a seemingly debilitating hip injury and I am now stronger, fitter and more confident.  She gently pushed me to do things I never thought I'd be able to do again after my surgery. Simply put - she changed my life.  

Amy R.



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